Traceroute your way to drinks!

ICMP my drink

What is this?

I keep forgetting drinks ingredients. I don’t drink that often so, when I do, I don’t want to scramble around for ingredients and how much of everything.

Working in the Network world, we use a lot of MTR/Traceroute in order to find our way through networks. It struck me that I could leverage the same mechanism to trace my way through drinks!

How to fix this?

I was working on a quick POC of Cumulus, Ansible and Openstack. Cumulus offers a free VM that you can run in a KVM hypervisor so I figured I could leverage a virtual infrastructure.

How it works.

  • I use Terraform to generate my infrastructure in Openstack.
  • I use Ansible to configure all the Cumulus switches.
  • I run OSPF within the Openstack networks and BGP externally to connect the “office” to the homelab.


What it looks like


Laurent Dumont
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