Cisco CCNA – ICDN1 – Study notes


  • Global Unicast
    • Public IPV6 address – equivalent to public IPV4
  • Link-Local
    • Local network only IPV6 address (within one subnet) – FE80::/10 to FEBF::00/10
    • if not given an address, device will autogenerate one based on the MAC address of the interface
    • Generally used as the def-gw for most devices.
  • Unique local
    • Like private IPv4 addresses. Will not be forwarded by routers
    • FC00::/7 to FDFF::/7
  • IPv6 Multicast
    • Assigned
      • FF02::1 – All nodes multicast – all devices with ipv6 enabled will join the group. Used for RA and RS messages.
      • FF02::2 – All routers multicast –  All routers with “ipv6 unicast-routing” will join the group.
    • Sollicited node
      • Based on ethernet MAC NIC to be received by all hosts but only processed by the one with the matching MAC address.
  • SLAAC – RA message option 1
    • Stateless Address Autoconfiguration.
    • Router RA – Router Advertisement –  message broadcast – every 200 seconds – Also when receiving Router Solicitation message.
    • Contains network prefix and length, Def GW, DNS address and domain name.
  • SLAAC and DHCPv6 – RA message option 2
    • Same as just SLAAC but suggests a DHCPv6 server that feeds the DNS server and domain name information only.
  • DHCPv6 only – RA message option 3
    • Link-local for def GW.
    • DHCPv6 server for Global Unicast, DNS and domain name and everything else.
    • Cannot provide def-gw.
  • EUI64
    • Option 1 and option 2 RA.
    • Uses the MAC address to create a interface address.
    • FF:FE in the middle portion of the IPv6 address.
    • DAD – Duplicate Address Detection – Send NS if no NA received, the address is free to be used.
  • IPv6 Neighbor Solicitation – NS
    • When you know the ipv6 unicast but don’t know the MAC address of the end device.
  • Ipv6 Neighbor Advertisement – NA
    • Message replied when receiving a NS. Contains the MAC address of the sending device.



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