Centos 6.5 – Monitoring Bind9 with Bindgraph.

Bindgraph is a program based on Mailgraph and offers the same basic features. It reads the dns_queries.log file and creates a .rrd file listing the number of queries per record type (A, AAA, CNAME, PTR and a few others). It then generates a graph, takes a screenshot and creates a nice HTML page with a .cgi script.

It provides quick overview of your dns traffic. Though, it is limited to the number and type of queries and does not handle where they come from.

Day View

2014-10-12 18_05_00-DNS Statistics for mail.coldnorthadmin.com

Month View

2014-10-12 18_05_50-DNS Statistics for mail.coldnorthadmin.com


1) Launching the daemon :





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