ASA 5510 – ASA-SSM-CSC-10 – Basic module commands.


To shutdown : 



Ubuntu 14.04 – Installing and configuring an ELK (Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana) stack.

Installing elasticdump for data security :

Git :



Cisco – Protecting VTY interfaces with access-class



Cisco – ASA 5510 – Basic SNMP (V2 and V3) configuration.

SNMP V2 : 

 SNMP V3 : 

Troubleshooting SNMP : 



CentOS 6.5 – How to upgrade Splunk

Existing install : 6.1.1-207789
Upgrade :

  • First, create a backup of the entire Splunk folder. In theory, the /etc and it’s sub-folders would be sufficient, but a full backup can’t hurt.
  • Download the new source files. The Splunk developers have been kind enough to provide a wget friendly link. Simply click the “Download” button and look at the next page.
  • Extract (tar -xvf) the splunk folder.
  • Copy that entire folder over your previous installation. You can use ” yes | cp -r source_path destination_path” to answer yes to all the overwrite prompts.
  • That’s it!



CentOS 6.5 – Plex Media Server

Key issues :

  • Port numbers to allow auto-discovery on a local network. : “32410, 32412, 32413, 32414” ALL UDP
  • Port number for default admin interface “32400” TCP
  • File/Folder permissions to allow the Plex process to read the files.
  • TV-Shows Folder type require a specific naming scheme for files.
  • Movies folder type is not as strict.