Ansible & Cisco – Automating configuration management.

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Configuring network equipment has always been somewhat of a tedious affair. Copy and pasting a configuration file through the console port doesn’t scale (or you need a lot of interns!) and other solutions like Cisco Prime are slightly overkill if you only want to change a few lines of configuration. This is where Ansible comes

Ubuntu 14.04 – Installing Graphite to visualize Icinga2 data with Grafana.


GRAPHITE – INSTALL #Initial installation from the graphite bits and pieces | No configuration


    #Installation of the graphite-web to use the API so that Grafana can query Graphite.






Centos 6.5 – Counter-Strike GO startup script –


Linux Source / Others game servers made easy : I whipped up a quick script that calls the function itself without having to move it around. Farily simple but useful nonetheless.